Pianos Become The Teeth

Whooohoo. What can I even say about this band. First off they are amazing. Now, I know their album Keep You is no where near new. However, I just wanna talk about music and the stuff that has made an impact on my life. Keep you and their previous album The Lack Long After are both just chock full of beautiful lyrics and music. The Lack Long After album is mostly written about lead singers Kyle Durfey’s father. Kyle’s father was bedridden before he passed away and this album captures going through that experience and dealing with those issues. It is a hauntingly impactful album once given a good listen. Theres a few key points in the album like when Kyle is screaming “I find myself moving my legs to make sure I still can” that will have goosebumps running quickly through your whole body. Then theres times that paint a super vivid picture and a rush of nostalgia when he says “I miss those summers, that grill smell, home cooked meals, take me back”. I do understand that this music style isn’t necessarily for everyone given the screaming. But read the lyrics along while listening and you can really understand the music. This entire album is about the emotion behind the lyrics. When your father is dying in bed, you don’t just say to yourself “I’ll get by” or “I can love and drown in your goddamn smile lines but I think I’m burnt out watching you rallying to stay alive”, you yell and scream it at the top of your lungs. Thats exactly what you are hearing Kyle do. It is an emotional, beautiful and damning album.

Keep you is the after math of all that chaos and hardships. Like as if you have yelled for so long your voice is shot and you no longer have any energy left or tears to cry. It’s a much more mellow album but still with beautiful lyrics and fantastic song composure. Keep you feels more like a passage of time and reflection. With lyrics indicating that he will in fact “get by” and continue on through life even after this tragic event. “Mind you, I can hold my breath forever” and “From what I’ve learned by being so defined by someone dying”. Its a beautiful album and because of the easier singing could appeal to a much broader audience.

Favorite Tracks:

The lack long After: Good Times and I’ll Get By

Keep you: Ripple Water Shine, April

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