Fitness Journey – Week 1

Well folks, first week is in the books! It was a pretty good start in my opinion. I think this is going to be a fun journey for me and I am excited to continue through it. I was actually pretty proud of myself for making it through Halloween actually completely unscathed. I hit my calorie count right on that night so that was a nice little win. I did however have a super long Friday night which in no doubt hurt me on my calorie count (too many drinks), but I did do pretty well the rest of the weekend so I am happy with that. Friday’s will be my re-feed days as well. So every Friday I will eat at or a little over maintenance calories that day. This will help replenish some important hormonal balance that I will need and just to give myself a little mental break. Having a re-feed day is really useful mentally too. It gives you that ability to “put-off” eating something that you are craving. For instance if your having a day when you just want to shove a big o’ slice (or two) of greasy cheesy pizza down your throat, it’s much easier to resist that temptation when your simply “putting it off” till your re-feed day. That way you don’t have to tell yourself you will never get to eat that glorious slice of goodness, you just simply have to wait a couple of days before you can have it. Try it, it helps a ton I promise!

Mental Check

Right now I’m feeling pretty good! The caloric deficit hasn’t been super difficult to hit, and I don’t feel like my workouts are being affected by it either. I feel plenty strong throughout the whole workout with only black coffee and water to fuel me because I am working out in a fasted state. Sleep seems to be quite unaffected as well. So overall, I would say I am feeling pretty normal. I wouldn’t say I have loads of extra energy or anything but I do feel like trying to be really consistent and focused on my journey is already starting to bleed over into other aspects of my life. I feel more motivated to get stuff done around the house and simply getting things taken care of feels great, it’s a good swing to be in.

Focus Points for This Week

My two main focuses this week will be really dial in my calories and make sure I am right on with them every day this week and getting adequate sleep.

I had a weekend that really threw me off so I am hoping with being a little more focused this week and weekend so I will see a little more progress in the weight loss department. As well as overall energy levels. Along with my caloric intake I need to concentrate on my protein intake as well. I feel like I did not get enough protein this week so I plan to amp that up this week. Hopefully once I get those two items down I can just concentrate on repetition. I am trying new recipes and new ways of eating so that I can make achieving those two things as easily and conveniently as possible. I have exploring different ways to cook and eat for years and I still find ways to improve ease and convenience which will always lead to more consistency. Don’t be afraid to shake things up!

The second item I want to concentrate on this week is getting some proper sleep. I usually wake up at 5:45-6 in the morning for work during the day, and 4:30-4:45 on days that I work out before work, usually Mondays and Fridays. With a all the responsibilities that come along with life and a 4 month old baby girl, sleep tends to get put on the back burner. However, I do know that sleep a grossly important factor in losing weight.Almost all the fat you lose on your body is done while sleeping, and where does it go? You actually breath it out! #funfactoftheday 😉

Week 1 Weigh In

11/6/17 – 185.6

Loss: 1.4 pounds

Not too bad overall. I would like to be closer to 2-2.5 pounds a week which means I have some adjusting to do which is totally okay. That’s what the whole game of weight loss is all about. Measuring your progress, and making adjustments where needed. If I continue on this path I will continue to lose weight and gain muscle but I would like to take a more aggressive approach which means I will need to cute= my daily calorie intake 2-300 per day. While also upping my overall protein intake this week and cutting back a bit on my calories, I am sure it will get me to right where I want to be! I am excited for this week! Let’s get it, your not getting any younger!

Week 1


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