Workout Wednesday #2

Hey everyone, happy Wednesday. I had a great work out this morning. I did some good hard running, and then my lower body work out finishing it all off with a killer ab burn. I am starting to feel like I’m getting in the groove also which is really nice. I feel like today is the first day since I’ve started where I am noticing some physical changes.

I am feeling more energized today than before. There are a couple of reasons why that is. I would attribute it 3 main things though. First I would say because I have been concentrating on my diet and working out consistently for over a week now. This will naturally create more energy because when you demand energy from your body, your body has to produce more. It’s like stepping on the gas pedal in your car, if you demand your care to move or go faster, it must put more fuel into the engine to burn aka you burn more calories and there is more energy being produced.

Second and third reason I am starting to feel better and overall more energized is because this week I have been concentrating on getting more protein intake and simply more sleep. I can definitely feel the benefits of upping the protein and extra sleep for sure. By the end of the night I am completely full and satisfied even with a caloric deficit and I am not having those mid-day or late night sugar cravings which will be so nice to help me keep within my calorie count.

Lift Progress

This week I have been pushing myself to get my first initial set on my lifts as heavy as possible and still get 4 reps out of it.

Incline Bench: 195lbs x 4 – Reverse Pyramid

Romanian Deadlift: 215lbs x 8 – Reverse Pyramid – Will be upping this next Wednesday again

The progress I have been making so far on this journey has been great and I’m getting more and more excited every day about seeing the progress and meeting my goals.

Let me know if you are on your own getting fit / weight loss journey! I would love to hear your stories, successes, and struggles. Be sure to come back this Friday for another opportunity to learn more and better your life! As always, remember, you’re not getting any younger.


If you are on this journey with me, or your wanting to start. I challenge you to find your inspiration. Mine is my wife and daughter. I want to be the very best person I can for them and our future. Everything I do is for them. Find your “why”.

Kayla and Ava




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