Chalk Talk #2 – The Restart Button

It has been a great week so far folks. I feel like my diet has been on point all week, I have been super productive and had another great work out today. I am actually really excited to weigh in on Monday to see if my adjustments this week have paid off. I also intend to put in an extra day of cardio tomorrow because I haven’t went on an extended jog/run in a good little while now.

Well thanks again for reading today, I am excited to talk about this weeks topic titled “The Restart Button”. I wanna talk about life’s restart button because the restart button is a mental representation of a fresh new start. Pushing that button starts you at square one and you get to re-do and or re-try your attempts, like a “new year” kind of outlook. The reason I bring this up is because though it can be used as a tool and it’s important to put your past behind you in that sense, it also causes a lot of hardships in peoples life.

The fact of the matter is, there is no “restart button”. There is no do overs in life. You can’t save your progress now like a video game and then start your business and if it doesn’t work out and you lose all your money you can just quit and go back to your last save point. Life just doesn’t work like that. I really don’t mean to say this to scare any of you from attempting something great or out of the ordinary, if anything I would encourage that. But, too often people use the reset button as a crutch rather than a tool, especially in regards to losing weight. I know I have in the past and recognizing your bad habits is the best way to eradicate them.

Think about it, how many times have you told yourself “Ya know what, I’ll start losing weight and eating healthy on Monday”. Then Monday rolls around you might do well, you might forget about it and then by Tuesday your doing the same thing and you throw your hands up in the air and say to yourself “Well this week is wasted, I failed, I’ll start again on Monday”. This is abusing your reset button. To say okay “now” I am going to do better *pushes button*, okay “now” I am going to better. It’s detrimental to your progress and devastating to your mental health, strength and willpower.

So I bring this to your attention today to simply ask, why quit? In what possible way will quitting be beneficial to you? Whatever it is that you are doing in life, why quit? What will be the outcome of your future if you do quit? What will happen? This idea impacts me so strongly that just simply thinking those words “why quit” makes me want to get up and run until I collapse. I can’t think of a better way to overcome any obstacle in your life than to ask yourself that simple question.

I know losing weight, dieting, meal planning, working out, raising a family, paying the bills, working a full time job, maintaining a house, maintaining a car, running a business and all the other things that you can think of that life will throw at you can become ridiculously overwhelming. It’s tough, its relentlessly difficult, but why quit?

Quitting will simply just put you further behind in life than you could be right now, sometimes decades. Think of all the little things you have experienced in your life, all the little coincidences. How the smallest event branched off and grew to the life you know now. The smallest events in our life can create the biggest chain reactions but yet we don’t appreciate that. Quitting at anything you want to accomplish in life is like having a winning lottery ticket in your pocket, but refusing to cash it in. You have no idea what branches grow off of even the pursuit of your goal.

Life has no restart buttons.

You can’t throw your hands in the air, say you quit and then restart next week. That week you can gain a pound that you later have to work even harder to work off. You could lose a client that would connect you with a huge client down the road. You could even lose a relationship that could’ve blossomed into one that would have lasted a life time. All just by simply quitting, even though you intended it to be temporary. Even surrendering for one week can have lasting impacts. The alternative of course, you can ask yourself “why quit?” Instead that week you can lose two pounds, you could gain another client, and you could keep the most precious person in your life. When you quit on improving yourself physically, you quite on yourself mentally.  You are telling yourself you are okay with the way things are, and you accept your current status. You accept that you no longer wish to learn or grow. You accept that your going to stay the same way for the rest of your life and you will die with the same knowledge and experiences you have today.

So I ask all of you to continue forward. Keep your eyes on your goals. Keep growing, learning and finding new perspectives. Enjoy the ride, enjoy the journey. Learn from your hardships and successes. Life isn’t about starting over or waiting for the perfect opportunity. It’s about making a decision to do something and doing it. Put your heart into it, put your effort and focus into it. Let it evolve and grow into something that you never even dreamed of in the first place. Don’t let your dreams die, don’t give up on yourself, and understand that you will grow old whether you like it or not. So, why quit?

You’re not getting any younger.

Thanks for reading this Friday’s Chalk Talk. Be sure to come back next Friday if you enjoy reading about some of the life lessons I have learned and perspectives I have gained in my life. Any and all Likes, Shares, and Follow’s are greatly appreciated.



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