Workout Wednesday #3

Today was kind of a tougher day to squeeze in my work out. Which is partially my fault because I decided to sleep in today and work out later in the day. It was not a good decision. Too many things come up during the day which continues to push the work out later and later in the day and if it wasn’t for my commitment I have made to myself, I wouldn’t have even worked out at all. These challenges happen to all of us and they happen all too often. Days like today where things don’t go as planned really ends up making getting your work out in very difficult. Not to mention just physically not wanting to do the work and wanting to be lazy. Days like these when you force yourself to work out even though it’s very inconvenient is huge because once you let yourself slack off once, it’s easier and easier to slack off again. I have a commitment to myself and to my family and I have to stay consistent. No slacking off this time. No excuses are okay. If I didn’t work out today, I am telling myself and showing everyone else in my life that obviously I don’t want it bad enough. So when your having a day like I had today. Just take a moment and tell yourself it will be much better just to stick it out and get it done rather than let yourself down. Keep pushing through it because these situations will come up again and again, and letting it throw you off course will be detrimental to your progress.

Lift Progress

Lifts that I have progressed on since last Wednesday:

Incline Dumbbell Fly’s – 55 pound, Rest Pause Set


My main focuses this week which is getting more water and protein are going okay. I know I could be doing better though. I will try harder the rest of the week to make sure I continue to focus on those aspects.

I am trying to figure out a way to be good during the upcoming holidays diet wise but also be able to enjoy myself. I have a couple of Thanksgiving dinners coming up with family, luckily all on different days. Then soon after all the goodies and treats that come with Christmas time. I will be doing some thinking the rest of the week to try to think of the best compromise for myself to stay on track with my goals but also enjoy myself and that time with family. That may mean accepting a couple of days throughout the week to eat at a maintenance calorie intake and maybe just not lose any weight that week. As long as I stay where I am and don’t lose any ground, that may be worth the effort. I’ll be giving that some more thought though for sure.

If any of you have found any good ways of getting through the holidays without destroying your calories and progress please leave it in the comments!

You’re not getting any younger!


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