Chalk Talk #3 – Pipe Dreams

So the other day I got to thinking about where this fitness journey could potentially take me and what I could possibly get out of it all. I’m not talking just feeling good, and being healthy which are huge, but also how it could impact my life in all the other ways. It got me thinking about how I have always wanted to make a living for myself being on a stage of some sort. I’ve always subconsciously chased and pursued things that would somehow put me on a stage where I could influence people and possibly change their lives for the better. When I was growing up that desire emerged in the form of a band. I’ve always really loved music my entire life. I loved the way it could give you different perspectives and I always thought it was a way that the musician could give themselves entirely and be extremely vulnerable. Something about that is just so amazing to me. I think that is one of the main reasons for me wanting to start a blog as well. It’s just nice to be able to possibly influence change and growth to the people around me or maybe even someone I don’t know. I just think there is something so special about that.

So today I want to talk about “Pipe Dreams”. It would be a dream come true to me at this point in my life to have this blog become successful enough to support my family. To get to a point where I can get paid to work out and inspire others to become the best person they can be. Now that is my goal and my dream, not my pipe dream.

See I don’t subscribe to the idea that accomplishing something hard and rare is something that should be considered unattainable. There is sickness in the world today that we need to purge from our minds. That sickness has many names and many forms but ultimately boils down to what we call uncertainty. Call it fear, call it doubt, call it self-worth, or call it rare, it’s all uncertainty. We tell ourselves that obtaining something we want is too hard, too difficult with no guarantee of it working out. We are uncertain of a pay off at the end of the day so we simply choose to play it safe and stay at the status quo which is our life. This truly is a sickness and it’s crippling. Please understand that if you have taken the time today to read this, you are looking for something more in your life.

So I challenge you to take a moment and ask yourself what are the dreams that you have had in your life, past or current, that you considered to be a pipe dream? Now ask yourself what is actually holding you back from accomplishing that dream? Now if you will, answer me this.

Has anyone else done it before you?

If not, congratulations. You are probably going to be successful because you would be the first to ever do that thing or make a new product! You’re chances of success are greater than most, so you would be foolish to not give it everything you got!

If someone has, well congratulations. Now you know beyond any doubt or uncertainty that it can be done! Think about that for a second. If someone has done it before you, why can’t you? Most likely there is even more than one person that has already done exactly what you want to do. Out of all those people there is most likely someone even pretty similar to you too! That person before you didn’t have any special super powers, any crazy special circumstances. It is very likely that they lived in a neighborhood very similar to yours. Went to the same kind of school, grew up with the same kind of family situation. There are billions of people in this world and billions of opportunities. So you are going to sit there and tell yourself that what you want to do is a pipe dream? Even when someone before you has already done it? That just doesn’t make sense. Someone has to be a rock star, we have music don’t we? Someone has to be an actor, we have movies right? Someone has to be a photographer we have pictures yeah? Why can’t you be that someone? If it has to be someone, why not you? Why can’t you put in just as much effort, blood, sweat, and tears as the person before you did and get what you want out of your life?

So say goodbye to your pipe dreams, and turn them into real dreams, into goals. “You can be anything you want to be” you tell your kids. Apparently that only applies to 10 year old kids. Once you hit adulthood and you understand things better, your smarter, you have an education, you have resources, now you can’t do anything you want? Now you have to be and do whatever the path of life made you? Seems backwards if you ask me.

Get rid of your uncertainty and negativity. Get rid of your disbelief and doubts. Just do what you want to do, be who you want to be. Chase it with everything you can and dominate your life.

You’re not getting any younger




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