Fitness Journey – Week 4

Had a late workout today due to being up pretty late last night and not getting much sleep at all. Had a late night celebrating the third and final Thanksgiving dinner. Yes that is right, I had to get through 3 thanksgiving dinners this last week. It was amazing but taxing on the calories. Good news is, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and really didn’t have much progress loss, especially weight wise.

Mental Check

Other than being super exhausted today I have been really enjoying the process. That’s the most important part about my journey and everyone’s journey for that matter. Loving the process, will get you to where you want to be and that’s 90% of the battle.

Mentally though I am surprised how easy it has been for me this time to stay consistent. I have tried countless amounts of time to stick to my workouts and diets and I have failed time and time again. The only thing I am doing differently now than I ever really have before is this blog. I think not only is this a way of holding myself accountable but also just the act of writing a couple times a week re enforces my goals and refreshes my mental focus. So I will continue to do everything in my power to continue on this journey.

Weekly Weigh In

11/27/17 – 181.8

Loss: 1 Pound

Still not a bad week if you ask me! I’ll take losing one pound a week while eating three Thanksgiving dinners all year long! It was a great week of eating and this week I will be able to really dial in my calories and get back on track so that will be nice. hopefully by next Monday I will be sub 180! Might have to put in some extra cardio this week if I wanna lose almost 2 whole pounds. That would be awesome to get to!

After the new year I will be doing an extreme challenge for one month. Be sure to check back in to hear more about the new year challenge!

For now, thanks for reading and you all have a wonderful night

You’re not getting any younger!




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