Workout Wednesday #5

It’s Wednesday already!? Time is flying by right now. Between work, family, working out and this blog, I am staying plenty busy! Not gonna lie, I can’t stress enough how nice it is to only working out 3 days a week! It really is so much easier to commit and to stay consistent with. You get a day off after every work out, sometimes 2! It’s one of those things that really gives you a mental edge in convincing yourself not to skip on it. You can always tell yourself well I have the day off tomorrow. Tomorrow I can relax a bit, today is about progress and getting it done. I truly do love it. I used to work out like 6 or maybe even 7 days a week. Yeah, it can be great for quick progress and results but I would only be able to do it for about a month and then I would be so burnt out and tired I wouldn’t want to step foot in a gym for months so I would slowly gain back all the fat that I just worked so hard to lose and then usually some more on top of it. I am currently on my 5th week of this regimen and not only do I feel great, I look forward to my workouts most of the time and I am still getting stronger and stronger almost every week! It’s been super fun to have to put more and more weight on the bar every week.

Workout Wednesday 5 Week Comparison

So every 5th Wednesday post I want to do a snap shot of my lift progress since the beginning of my “Get Fit Journey”. This will be a fun way for you to see my progress over a couple of weeks rather than just week to week.

To keep it a little more succinct I am only going to compare my first set on lifts

First Set Only


Pull Up: Week 1 – Body Weight X 6, Week 5 – 15lbsX6

Barbell Press: Week 1 – 135X6, Week 5 – 145X4

Dumbbell Row: Week 1 – 65X10X3, Week 5 – 65X20X3

Incline DB Fly Rest Pause: Week 1 – 35X15, Week 5 – 55X15

Lateral Raise: Week 1- 35X4, Week 5 – 25X10 


Squats: Week 1 – 185X6, Week 5 – 195X6

Romanian Deadlift: Week 1 – 205X8, Week 5 – 265X6

Calf Raises: Week 1 -205X15X3, Week 5 – 185X15X3 

Crunches: Week 1 – 20X3, Week 5 – 30X3


Incline Bench: Week 1 – 185X6, Week 5 – 205X3

Bench Press: Week 1 – 205X3 ,Week 5 – 195X4

Incline Curls Rest Pause: Week 1 – 35X15, Week 5 – 35X15

Skull Crushers: Week 1 – 55X6, Week 5 – 65X10

As you can see on some lifts I have made some really good progress, and on others I have made minimal if not some regression. There is some good explanation for both outcomes.

The lifts where I have seen good progress is mainly because that is where my lifts focus on progress. In the program that I am following from Kinobody, the first phase of the work out is for 12 weeks and is mainly chest and back focused, after that 12 weeks you switch to another body part. So each work out that I do is supposed to help increase my overall strength in those two areas or hit muscles that help support those two areas. So it’s not surprising to see my incline bench increasing as much as it is.

The lifts where I am either making very minimal progress or even some back tracking are due to a couple of things. The first week I had to relearn and dial in where my strength currently was. For instance, I put up 205 three times on the flat bench but after doing that, I couldn’t do my next sets, so I had to lower the weight substantially the following weeks to dial in the weight to where I could do 4 reps my first set, at least 6 for the second, and at least 8 for the third. Dropping down to 195 allowed me to do that. Also, some of these lifts are “Rest Pause” styled training. Which means that you do a set of 15 reps and then do 4 more sets of 5 reps with a 15-20 second rest/pause in between those reps. This is absolutely exhausting so it is really difficult to increase weight on those types of lifts like curls. The third reason is that I was doing too much weight with bad form. Because of this I decided to lower the weight and complete good form until I was strong enough to complete the lifts with good form.

I will say however, that I am completing all my lifts and sets now with much more confidence and thoroughness. I am hitting my needed reps almost every time and I am waiting until I completely dominate a lift on all sets before increasing the weight.

I am super excited to continue on this journey and continue getting stronger. I am nervous about the scale not reflecting my progress however. I cheated today and weighed myself this morning because I was curious and I have actually gained a little bit of weight from where I was Monday. I am hoping this is due to either muscle gain or just undigested food. At the end of the day as long as I am losing overall body fat and gaining muscle I will be happy with the results. If I had the extra funds I would love to go get a full body Dexa scan that will give me a really good understanding of my current body fat. but for right now all I can rely on is the scale and keeping track of my lifts to ensure that I continue to put on more weight on the bar and not on the scale!

Thanks for reading everyone. If you like following me on my journey please hit the “follow” button to get emails of when I put up new posts!

You’re not getting any younger!




2 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday #5

  1. Hi ,Im Fredric from Minnesota, I really enjoy seeing your workouts , it really encourages me to build my own goals and build on them as you do – Keep up up the great work !
    Maybe we can workout someday !


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