Fitness Journey – Week 6

So for the first time since I have started this fitness journey, I came up short today. Last night my little 5 month old daughter wasn’t feeling well. She has early stages of croup, no fun. Because she wasn’t feeling well and at the time we weren’t sure what was wrong, the wife and I were up pretty late. I woke up for work this morning with a pounding headache and not feeling the best. So after work, I got back home and we decided to take the baby to the doctor to get her checked out. After the office visit, I was getting pretty hungry as it was about 5:30 and I’ve been up since 6 am and zero food. So we got a burger and some fry’s which is fine diet wise because as long I drink water with it, it’s only about 1100 calories or so. So after that, we came up and I decided to work out. Got into my gym and had one of the worst workouts I have had since starting back up again. It was awful guys. I couldn’t even finish my work out because I felt so sick, like vomit all over the place sick. I was week from lack of sleep and sluggish because I had a full belly of food. All just a perfect storm for an absolutely terrible workout.

After I decided to quite my workout half way through, I felt pretty defeated. I knew I still had this blog to write and more stuff to do around the house before bed time too which just adding insult to injury.

I wanted to talk about days like this for a second because I want you all to know this isn’t easy. Not for anyone, not ever. Sure, some people get paid to be in shape. Some people have done it for so long that its a part of who they are as a person. No matter who they are or who you are, life will always quite simply kick your ass. Life refuses to let you sit on cruise control for a long period of time. My cruise control apparently expires at 6 weeks.

Even though something like this may even seem insignificant to you reading this. I will say that a bad work out is demoralizing. I’m sure this will effect everyone’s mental state to a certain degree, some may be able to just shrug it off but it eats away at me! I’m sitting here, exhausted and sick and already feeling guilty from not putting in a full work out today. This is something that I struggle with often, that is, finding balance in what I am doing. I tend to want to jump entirely in and go hard core with everything that I am pursing to get it done as fast as I possibly can. That mentality is why I’ve never stayed consistent and done my workout/diet long term. So It’s a continuous struggle for me as an individual to accept the fact that sometimes in life set backs will occur and all we can do is continue pushing past them. Even when it means taking a longer period of time to get to your destination.

Weekly Weigh In

12/11/17 – 181.2

Total Loss: +0.6 Pounds

So this week I didn’t have any weight progress, even gained a little. I’m really only including this to show you all that sometimes the scale isn’t going to reflect your progress. I am still waiting on some body fat calipers that I have ordered to better track my overall progress. I believe very strongly that I have in fact lost some additional fat this week and excluding today with all the previous excuses mentioned above, I have seen some huge progression continuously in my lifts. That’s really whats important to me in the end. As I’ve said in previous posts, the more muscle I build, the easier the fat over the top will fall off with my diet.

Well I’m officially exhausted folks, thanks for reading tonight’s post. Remember in the long haul of life, have more good days than bad days and you will have a positive balance.

You’re not getting any younger.

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