Workout Wednesday #7

Hey there everyone, it’s a late night post tonight!

So body fat calipers that I have been talking so much about got delayed! So that was a bummer. It’s scheduled to be delivered tomorrow so I am super excited to finally get it! Good news is that since my workout on Monday I have been feeling a lot better. I must have had just some weird 24 hour thing or something because I felt way better today with my workout. So obviously that was nice to get a good workout in again after that lackluster one on Monday. Those things happen though so I am glad I just kept moving on past that and didn’t let it throw me off track or discourage me too much.

I did weigh myself this morning and I am right on track so hopefully this coming Monday, I will be under 180lbs! That would be awesome, then my next step after that would be concentrating on getting below 175, and then 170 afterwards.

I was up pretty late last night thinking about what all I want to do for the new years. I want to do a challenge for the entire month of January just for fun and to help increase the pace of my journey at least for that month would be nice just to see some extra progress. So be sure to continue checking in if you would like to join the challenge with me! It’ll be super fun and it could be a good opportunity to kick start any “get fit” or “lose weight” new years resolutions.

Lift Progress

Squats: 225X6 – Will increase this number yet again next week!

Calf Raises: 195X15X3 – Increased by 10 pounds and starting to do it pretty cleanly

Bench Press: 205X4 – Probably will be able to up this is the next couple of weeks as well

So I’ve been learning a lot of new things and been reading a lot and doing some mental improvement stuff so I’ll be sure to continue sharing perspectives and what I learn and know every Friday on my Chalk Talk posts. I am now on Twitter, Instagram,and Pinterest so be sure to give me a follow to keep up on the latest stuff and keep up on my journey!

You’re not getting any younger!



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