Workout Wednesday #8

Well this week has been flying by. It’s already Wednesday and it feels like it should be Monday still. Today was cool because I got a chance to work out with my brother in-law and it’s always fun to work out with someone every now and then! He is really strong for how little he works out now a days. It’s nice though because he is actually a little stronger than me in the majority of lifts that I have been doing, we can work out well together. It’s always tough when you try to work out with someone who has a big gap in weight either way more or less than you. Working out with someone who is about your same strength level makes the workout a lot easier going and quicker too. It also provides for a good opportunity to push each other which is obviously super beneficial.

So had a great workout this morning, I will actually have to up the weight next week again on my pull ups which is pretty awesome. I am still struggling a bit to put more weight on the bar when it comes to over head press. I am not entirely sure of the reasoning behind this, but I got a couple more reps than usual today so there is at least a little bit of progress to be shown there. Just getting a little impatient with getting past 145lbs at 4 reps. Today I did 5 reps and once I get 6 reps cleanly, I can up the weight at that point.

Lift Progress

Squats: 255X6 – Went up 25lbs since last week! As my form continues to get better and I get more comfortable with the lift I can continue adding on weight. This is not strictly due to muscle gain FYI. This is in large due me being very uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the lift to begin with. Also, when I first started going squats, I could only do a couple before my legs would start cramping up on me. Flexibility has been and continues to be an issue as well, though I am making improvements on that as well.

Bench Press: 205X5 – Got another Rep!

Pull Ups: 25X6, 15X8 – Maxed out my reps on these two. Will be upping the weight for both sets next week

This coming Friday, I will be posting the January challenge! If you are interested in starting the new year off with a boost be sure to check back in on Friday for all the details!

You’re not getting any younger. 



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