Fitness Journey – Week 9

Happy New Year everyone! It’s nice to be starting the new year off on a Monday because Monday is the first day of workouts for the week and the timing was just great.

Well we are close to the end of day 1 of “Hell Month”, and it was a pretty good one! I had a really awesome workout today with my brother in-law Jordan, he is also doing Hell Month with me. We also went on a little jog around the neighborhood to get in our 2 miles for the day. Running two miles on workout days just seems like it will be the easiest way to get my 6 miles a week as part of the challenge.

Today is also day 1 of the 2 days a week that I will be consuming nothing but cold pressed green juice. It’s not the best, but really not the worst. Tomorrow will be nothing but juice as well and then come Wednesday I will be eating as much protein as a possibly can with still giving myself a caloric deficit. I will admit I am little worried about two days straight of just juice impacting my strength gains so I will have to keep an eye on that for sure. If I feel weak on Wednesday I might do my juice two separate days next week.

Well I’m super excited to see how things turn out by the end of the month and to see if I can truly push myself to stay within the boundaries of the challenge. I also got a scale for Christmas which will be very nice because I will be weighing my food this entire month to ensure I stay in that deficit. I don’t want to break protocol at all this entire month so I will be doing everything in my power to ensure that happens.

Another cool opportunity for those of you who want to do a challenge but the one I have outlined is not motivating enough for you is to participate in one I will be doing along side this one. The founder of Kinobody, Greg O’Gallagher is offering up a pretty sweet challenge. His is a three month long one, you have to enter by 1/8/18 to participate. With this challenge you can earn $2,000 for first place and lots of cool other stuff so I am signing up! Again, I in no way get paid from Kinobody, I just like the protocols given and I have learned a lot from them personally.

So yeah, there’s another more lucrative opportunity to give yourself the motivation to make a change in your life this year!

Weekly Weigh In

1/1/18 – 185 lbs

Body Fat Percentage – 16.7%

So I put on some weight over the past two weeks. I will admit, its pretty discouraging to see that number go up. Although I do know that at least a part of that truly is just fat gain. I really let myself go over Christmas and went over calories time and time again. I will say that I don’t believe all of it was fat gain though. As I have said time and time again, my strength continues to increase.

It really is weird because I feel like in the past I have hit plateaus where I wouldn’t be able to add any more weight for weeks and ever since getting back on the horse 9 weeks ago, it just hasn’t happened yet. It’s a weird feeling to go into the gym every week and do a lift and be like cool, “I have to add more weight next week”, or “I did more reps than I did last week”. It really is so cool to see the progress continue to come. I’m really curious to see how long I can keep it up before I hit a plateau of some sort. So far though, it’s been awesome.

I will be tracking my body fat at least once a month. Maybe twice a month. Keeping track of my actually body fat percentage rather than just strictly weight is really going to allow me to see a better overall picture of my progress. Not to mention, help me make adjustments where needed as well as help make me not feel guilty when the scale goes up because of extra water weight or something.

Well thanks as always to those who are reading along and following my fitness journey. I really hope that some of you join my challenge or that challenge over at Kinobody to jump start your fitness progress and goals. Let’s make 2018 a year to remember. A year of progress, joy, and success.

You’re not getting any younger.



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