Workout Wednesday #10

Well after a really terrible workout last Friday, I am back on track so far this week. I can’t stress enough how nice it is to have good workouts. A bad workout is just no good for anyone. Though I will admit that the two days in a row of juicing is kinda killing me. I just simply don’t get enough calories for two days straight. I’m getting headaches and feeling a little light headed. It’s really hard to run 4 miles and two heavy lifting days on less than a thousand calories over two days. So I think next week,  I will be doing two separate days next week and I think by splitting those days i will feel a lot better overall especially during my workouts.

Well today marks the 10th Workout Wednesday which means it’s time for the 5 week lift update.

First Set Only


Pull Up: Week 5 – 15lbsX6, Week 10 – 45X6

Barbell Press: Week 5 – 145X4, Week 10 – 155X3

Dumbbell Row: Week 5 – 65X20X3, Week 10 – 65X20X3

Incline DB Fly Rest Pause: Week 5 – 55X15, Week 10 – 65X15

Lateral Raise: Week 5 – 25X10, Week 10 – 25X10


Squats: Week 5 – 195X6, Week 10 – 265X6

Romanian Deadlift: Week 5 – 265X6, Week 10 – 275X6

Calf Raises: Week 5 – 185X15X3, Week 10 – 195X15

Crunches: Week 5 – 30X3, Week 10 – 10 Pounds X 25


Incline Bench: Week 5 – 205X3, Week 10 – 205X6

Bench Press: Week 5 – 195X4, Week 10 – 205X5

Incline Curls Rest Pause:  Week 5 – 35X15, Week 10 – 35X15 – Almost ready to go up

Skull Crushers: Week 5 – 65X10, Week 10 – Switched to Rest Pause Style – 55X15

I’m pretty happy with the progress in the last 5 weeks. I feel really good about my strength gains. These last 5 weeks I have made some adjustments to my lifts and I am really close to increasing the weight again on a couple of different lifts. Part of my problem is that I am dealing with a limited amount of weight options, so In order to increase say my curls I would have to jump from 35 pound dumbbells to 55, because I have nothing in between. But I will just use plates this week so I can move up. 

One thing that is slowing my progress even more is my concentration on being at a calorie deficit. I’m sure once I get my body weight to around 10% I will look into starting to bulk some more and I should start seeing some awesome strength gains again after that. I am super excited to do that too because bulking season is the best. Just lifting heavy as hell and eating a ton of food. Sounds like heaven to me!

Well that’s all I have for today’s update. Thank you to all who are following along on my fitness journey! I’m loving the progress and the journey. It’s a cool process and I am learning a ton along the way. That’s all till Friday Folks. Keep Grinding!

You’re not getting any younger.



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