Workout Wednesday #11

So today will be the last “Workout Wednesday” post. I want to keep you all interested in the things I have to say and not be too repetitive in the material that I am presenting to you. So from now on I will be doing my Monday weekly check up and weigh in and just general updates on my get fit journey. Then on Fridays I will continue my chalk talks, which are educational/motivational posts.

So to just to give you all an update since last week…

I had a very long weekend this last weekend. Admittedly, I struggled on my diet Sunday and Monday. I had a a long night and took in a lot of calories, then on top of lack of sleep Sunday night, I had a surplus of calories on Monday as well. Which means that I have not done my two days of juicing this week which to be honest isn’t going to happen. In the long term of weight loss sometimes your diet just doesn’t go as planned and you gotta make adjustments. Next Monday and Tuesday however I will get right back on track and juice both of those days. Also, because I missed my juicing this week, I will be doing my best to add juice throughout each day this week but also just eating food those days as well.

Mentally, it could be just from lack of sleep over the weekend, but I am starting to feel a bit burned out. I am on my 11th week of my journey now and my mind and body are feeling a little exhausted. This is partially the reason why I am not good at going really hard for a long period of time. Even a month of my “Hell Month” challenge is taking a toll mentally and somewhat physically. I think trying to hit only 1500 calories every day while gaining strength and adding muscle is difficult to do. I feel like for this month I probably should have changed my workout plan to do lighter weight and possibly just more reps and did more of a tone/cardio month. Lifting heavy every single workout with a lack of calories just starts to feel like I don’t have the energy to do it. I’m hitting my protein intake almost every day, keeping my carbs pretty low and hitting my calories just about every day. Feel like I am drinking plenty of water and keeping to my challenge pretty closely. I feel like if I was to do maybe 1500 cals every day and not do two juice days it would help too. It makes it tough when I am doing 1k calories over a two day period of nothing but juice and then only 1500 the next day. So to be honest, this challenge is kicking my ass. I think it could be done a lot easier with a different workout plan but this is the first time I have tried to do something like this so it’s a learning process for sure.

At the end of the day however, I am still making progress. Though it is a tough challenge and I will for sure change some of the things next year, I am glad I am doing it and will be even more glad when its over. I am hoping to make some good progress body fat wise at the end of the this month and get closer and closer to my goal of 10%.

Weekly Weigh in

Current Weight – 179 lbs

Current Body Fat – 13.99%

Total Loss Since Last Week – 1.2 lbs

Total Body Fat Loss Since 12/29 – 2.76%

Not a ton of weight loss mainly because of my two bad days over the weekend but still a little over a pound off. It’s nice to be back under 180 after gaining a bunch of weight over the holidays. Good news is that even with the lack of overall weight loss over the last two weeks, total body fat percentage has dropped almost 3%! I am super happy to see that because I know for sure that progress is being made which makes all the difference in keeping your head in the game. If I can manage another 3% by the end of this month I will be so close to my goal of 10%. That makes me incredibly excited. I have been wanting to get down to 10% body fat for years. After I hit 10% though, I want to push it even further to get down to 7%. Getting down that low would be a massive accomplishment for me.

Well be sure to check back in on Friday for this weeks lesson and until then, keep grinding, keep pushing and always remember..

You’re not getting any younger.



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