Fitness Journey – Week 14

Another start of my fitness journey! Week 14!  Pretty crazy. It’s been a really fun journey so far. There has been ups and downs, successes and failures, but overall progress. That’s all that matters at the end of the day. All I need to see is that I am better now than I was 14 weeks ago. All the downs don’t matter in the long run of things and that is actually a really comforting thought. Weight wise, I really haven’t seen much progress from the scale point of view. However, my strength and overall muscle has gone up a ton and my body fat percentage has dropped substantially as well. One of my goals this month is to get to 170 pounds and with it being early in the month, there is still a good chance of me reaching that goal.

Mental Check

Mentally I am feeling pretty good about the progress overall. Like I said, I have had some downs and some shitty workouts along the way though. I’ve  been discouraged about my weekly progress, not seeing the weight loss on the scale like I would like to while also getting frustrated with myself for over eating here and there.

The best thing about my head space right now is just simply keeping this routine up. Keeping the habit going is empowering and feels great to just be dedicated to something. The routine is wonderful and it’s been starting to bleed over into other aspects of my life and it’s a huge benefit.

I’ve also been feeling kind of beat up physically lately. I think it’s really just a combination of heavy lifting every week and having a low calorie intake. Ya know just the feeling of being generally overworked, bruised and sore. So today I woke up early to workout before work and then got myself a nice relaxing message and it was really nice. It’s always good just to take some time to let yourself recoup and get your body all loosened up again. So, I would highly recommend doing that on a somewhat regular basis.

Weekly Weigh In

Current Weight: 176.8

Total Loss: .8 Pounds

Almost lost a whole pound over this last week. If I can keep this up and just do a little more cardio on my off days I think I will be awfully close to getting to 170! So we will keep on keeping on and do all I can to get there. I will feel pretty good about my overall effort and progress when I get to 170 or 10% body fat. That to me will be pretty successful and at that point it would be all about putting on muscle and keep off the fat! That will be a nice thing to be able to concentrate on.

Thanks for reading folks and as always,

You’re not getting any younger.


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