Fitness Journey – Week 17

Hey everyone!

So last week was a busy one and I didn’t write at all last week so if you are looking for week 16, your outta luck!

I decided on Monday last week to take the week off of working out and the blog. I decided this, well because Monday I tried to workout and failed miserably and I made that decision out of anger and frustration. The reason I was upset is because I didn’t feel good at all. Not like I was sick with the flue, but my body was just drained. I was extremely fatigued and while trying to work out just felt like everything hurt. My shoulder, my chest, my shins, my back, you name it. I just felt worn out and exhausted.

So, I took the week off. I didn’t work out at all, and I also ate at maintenance calories pretty much every day (2000-2300). It was nice to take a little bit of a break and to take some time to re look at my weight loss approach.

I noticed that I have been falling pretty short on my protein intake every day. I think this is a huge factor playing into the fatigue and lack of recovery. Also, I decided that I am going to give myself a daily calorie bump as well to better support recovery and energy.

My plan moving forward is to eat at 1,800 calories and 160 grams of protein every day. I feel like it’s possible that I have gone too low on calories for too long and I have slowed my metabolism down a bit. I am not losing the weight that I would like to so it’s time for an adjustment. I will admit though that it makes me nervous bumping up my calories even more but after doing some reading this week, I am just gonna give it a shot for a couple of weeks and see how I feel. I am really hoping that I will see some energy come back and overall feeling of well-being. As well as continued strength gains and some fat loss.

It’s been a tough process trying to get to where I want to be and mentally, I feel like February has been an entire month wasted. In fact, I may have even back tracked a little. I definitely did on the scale at least.  I am just really hoping that with the added calories and concentration on protein that I can start seeing some more positive and quicker results. Hopefully by the end of March I will be at least down to 173. I think I won’t see much difference in the way I feel until near the end of my second week of doing this. Anytime that you make a little change you really have to give it some time to see if it’s going to work or not.

So moving forward, I really need to see some better results or I may have to take a second look at my workouts. I might have to start adding a bunch of cardio every week which I really don’t want to have to do, but I will end up doing whatever it takes to get there. Only time will tell, so wish me luck these next couple of weeks!

Weekly Weigh In

Current Weight: 178

As you can see, very little movement here and actually a little bit of weight gained back from eating at maintenance for a week. All you can do is keep pushing forward. It’s not an easy process but it’s worth it.

You’re not getting any younger.



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