Fitness Journey – Week 13

Well let me start off by saying thank goodness for cheat days! My wife just had her 27th birthday yesterday and we went to Olive Garden to celebrate. I was swimming in a sea of bread stick and alfredo ecstasy. Shortly after I was plummeting down into a food and carb induced coma, but hell […]

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Fitness Journey – Week 4

Had a late workout today due to being up pretty late last night and not getting much sleep at all. Had a late night celebrating the third and final Thanksgiving dinner. Yes that is right, I had to get through 3 thanksgiving dinners this last week. It was amazing but taxing on the calories. Good […]

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Fitness Journey – Week 2

Starting the third week of my fitness journey today is a really cool place to be. I feel like doing just the three workouts a week and then concentrating on my diet the rest of the time is really helping me stay consistent. Though the dieting aspect is not easy, its worth it. Dieting though […]

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