Fitness Journey – Week 7

Well I have a lot more good news to report this week than last week. Last Monday was pretty rough. I got sick and and had a complete lack of sleep and just wasn’t feeling on top of my game at all.

Today was a much different story and I am super grateful for that. I had an awesome workout today. I felt super strong and was killing my lifts! Today was a busy day for me though too. I want to tell you all that I am just a busy as you. I have a beautiful 5 month old baby girl to take care of and a beautiful wife that keeps me distracted. I have a house to keep clean, and a full time job to keep me stressed. I have bills to pay, family events to attend, friends to make time for, weights in the gym that need lifted and this blog to write. Today I woke up at 6 am, went to work, worked out, went to the mall so my baby girl can see Santa for for the first time, ate dinner there, then drove back home to relax for a bit then right over to writing this blog. My wife and I also help out a couple of times a week to watch her little brother who has special needs, and are starting an online based business. If I can make time to work out with all the craziness and business of my life, you can too. It’s just that simple, you just need to make a commitment to do it.

If you are wondering how, I have a pretty simple answer though you’re not gonna like it. Wake up earlier. If I know I will have a ton of obligations and things to take care of later in the day, I will wake up an an hour and a half early to make sure I don’t miss a work out. If I know I have a slow day coming up and not much to worry about, I will go to work, and then work out afterwards and get some more sleep. You make time for your family, and to do fun things. You can make time for your health and your body too.

Mental Check

Right now I am feeling great about the process overall. I am really happy with the workout plans and the lifts. I get super excited to see myself continually getting stronger and stronger. It truly is a really empowering feeling. I am also excited because at the end of January will be the end of the first of the four phases from the program I am following from Kinobody. Which means that I will be able to switch up muscle concentration and start doing some different lifts which will be fun. At this rate, I will legitimately have to invest in some more weights because Ill be out of weight to put on the bar at my little home gym soon! Pretty awesome problem to have if you ask me!

The only thing I am not super happy with is my overall weight loss. I have been pretty stagnant the last 3 weeks now and this week sadly to report isn’t much better. I know at the end of the day, even with fasting from 6 am-6 or 7 pm most days, I am still putting away too much food. Most nights I eat an enormous meal and stuff myself full and then about 2 hours later I am ready to eat some more.

I know this is mostly my fault which comes down to being better at preparing more fulfilling and nutritious meals, and having proper water intake. Fun Fact: Sometimes when you feel hungry, you are actually just thirsty. 

This has always always been my biggest struggle getting to where I want to be physically. Simply put, I suck at eating healthy. I suck at eating veggies and getting enough protein. I am sure this is common for most people but I am definitely a lover of carbs and fats. I love protein don’t get me wrong, but I just like it accompanied by lots of bread and butter and cheese.

Before I get too down on myself about that though, I will admit that even staying stagnant on my over all body weight and being able to eat like I do is pretty awesome. I mean I eat like a king every day and don’t really gain any weight. The fasting part is so easy for me. I don’t even think about food during the day. Honestly, it actually makes life a lot easier. That’s just less meals I have to concern myself with throughout the day. Saves a lot of time and money.

Also, I finally got my body fat measuring calipers! So which is means that I will be able to start tracking actually body fat loss. Once I get a basis of that, I will be looking to be going down on that every week even more so than body weight, or at least not up. This way I will be able to really dial in my calorie intake every day. I will also be able to tell that if going over my calories every now and then to make myself feel full is doing too much harm. I am a big listener to my body. If I feel I need more food, I will eat more food. Not because I am hungry, because my body needs more food to rebuild and repair muscle.

If this type of style ends up being detrimental to my body fat loss, I will start being a lot more militant with my calories and go to bed either hungry or with a belly full of water if I have to.

Weekly Weigh In

12/18/17 – 179.8

Total Loss: 1.4 Pounds

Well there you have it! Like I said above, I would like to be losing weight a little faster but I think overall I am on the right track so far. I will be able to tell for sure in a couple of weeks from now by keeping track of my actual body fat! If I am not, I will just make adjustments to my diet as needed. The journey to getting fit isn’t one without flaws and unless you have all the resources in the world, you will most likely run into times where you may feel that you could have been better. Just keep pushing it, try to have more good days than bad. Remember to climb a mountain you might have to take 50 thousand steps, but you can only take those steps one at a time. There isn’t any other way to do it accomplish something. Build little by little, day by day, and your progress will stack up like sheets of paper until it’s as tall as a skyscraper.

You’re not getting any younger.



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